Голосов: 1 | Общий рейтинг: 6/10


Сюжет: Психологический фильм ужасов о детективе, которая сталкивается с ритуальными убийствами. Пытаясь раскрыть непростое дело, она начинает сходить с ума. Что же таится за адскими символами и библейскими отсылками?

Psychological horror about a police detective whose sanity begins to unravel as she investigates a series of brutal ritualistic murders.

As a rookie detective struggling to find acceptance in a police department defined by a culture of bullying and intolerance, things go from bad to worse when the chief suspect in a series of brutal ritualistic murders takes a personal interest in her. A game of cat and mouse ensues which sees Rebecca’s grasp on reality beginning to spiral out of control, leading to a terrifying climax where she needs to fight for her sanity, her life and maybe even her soul.

Charismata is a 2017 thriller about a rookie female detective who becomes caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a killer who has taken special interest in her.

There’s a certain historical fascination with the mind and work of prodigious serial murderers, with a long and celebrated account of their dealings from time immemorial up to the present. Nowadays, from long-running television series to popular films, the horrific crimes of these butchers continue to infatuate and be source for, perhaps a bit puzzlingly, great entertainment.

Now comes Charismata, a tense, often gruesome, thriller that follows a young woman named Rebecca Faraway (Sarah Beck Mather), new to the detective force, and daughter to the commissioner who is partnered with Eli Smith (Andonis Anthony). She’s not accepted quite so much into the fold with open arms as outright bold-faced ridiculed as she is bullied and stymied at nearly every turn, the men looking to break her fast. She refuses to back down though and proves her worth while investigating a curious spree of graphic murders that eventually lures the killer into her world and she into his, causing Rebecca to lose grip on her own senses. And maybe much, much more.


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